Warm Winter Views In Pittsburgh – January 2017

Fort Pitt Museum

As January 2017 kicks off, I find myself in Pittsburgh, PA on a day when it hit nearly 70F.  Folks were out everywhere getting some sun after the rain we’ve been having in the state.

I’m here for a working conference for my day job and was lucky enough to arrive early for some exploring.  I love walking Pittsburgh, it has so many interesting things to look at and question, “Why is that like that?”  Coming from Harrisburg, I am used to water and bridges but the high rise buildings in Pittsburgh are something new.

I find empty fountains creepy so I took some photos of those. Also saw the PPG buildings for the first time – man, those things are amazing!  And I saw a dog in a coat but its owner would not let me take its picture.

Here are some of my favorite shots from today:

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