Twin Kiss Creamery – Shermans Dale, PA Perry County

Twin Kiss Creamery InsideOn one of my lovely long drives into work over hill and dale I spotted a sign saying “Teaberry Soft Serve” and my heart went all a-flutter.  I *love* Teaberry and I *love* soft-serve ice cream.  Sadly, the place with the sign was not open at 8am. I have no idea why not, ice cream is a dairy product, perfect as yogurt for breakfast!

Anyway, that sign kept haunting me and Saturday I couldn’t take it any more. I loaded my kids up in Kitten (my Kia Soul, not hamster-driven) and went on a drive to see if I could find the place again.

Along the way we stopped at Sledworks to do some antiquing and we also stumbled across a tractor parade.  Yes, a tractor parade.  I’m not sure what else you would call a long line of tractors in a field with people standing by watching.  (We actually had to double-back for that one after we got our ice cream… that’ll be another post.)

So I managed to find the place but now the sign said “Soft Serve Cappucino”.  Ruined my day but the nice girl behind the counter did make me a teaberry milkshake so I still got my pink, minty goodness.

Where was this magical place with the teaberry goodness?  Twin Kiss Creamery in Shermans Dale, PA.  I remember long ago there being a stand-alone Twin Kiss in that area, in front of an IGA if I remember correctly, but that was in the 80s or 90s and lots has changed in Perry County since then.

Twin Kiss Creamery Menu

So if you happen to be wandering through Shermans Dale, stop in at the Twin Kiss Creamery for a treat.  You can check them out on Facebook here.

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