PA Taste Treat – Teaberry!

Twin Kiss Teaberry MilkshakeI had a very long drive into work last week, if you live along 322 this happens a few times a year.  322 ends up backed up, 11/15 is backed up so you hotfoot it over to Duncannon from the East Shore and take a nice drive through Perry County to make it to your office on the West Shore.

It’s just a Dauphin thing, we do it all the time.

BUT, on my trip I saw a sign that made me pull over.  “Teaberry Soft-Serve”.  Oh man, I love teaberry.  Alas the ice cream shop was NOT open at 8am (but I did make a return trip and got the milkshake above, no soft serve though.)

I asked some of my PIttsburgh Co-workers if they knew about Teaberry Ice Cream, but City Boy had never heard of teaberry and Mr. W only knew of Clark’s Teaberry gum.  Funny thing is Clark’s Teaberry was made in Pittsburgh until operations went to Mexico (the parent company is still there) so I’m not sure why City Boy had never heard of it.  Guess he just doesn’t get out much.

Just made me wonder where in PA Teaberry is famous, certainly in my neck of the woods in Central PA and in Schuylkill County where my Mom’s family is from.

If you don’t know about it, Teaberry is a flavoring used apparently only in gum and ice cream.  There is a teaberry plant that grows in these parts that gets red berries and supposedly this is how this all came about.  The flavor of teaberry is a mild wintergreen, a little sweet.  My kids think it tastes like Pepto-Bismol or those pink lozenges my grandma always had on her counter.

Below is a wonderful combination – a vanilla and teaberry cone (this is the SMALL folks) from 3Bs in Dauphin. Read about them here.

Teaberry and Vanilla Cone from 3Bs

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