About AIPA

Hershey Gardens Butterfly Atrium

Welcome to Adventures in PA!  Glad you could make it.

adventure [ad-ven-cher] noun

  1. An exciting or very unusual experience
  2. Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises.
  3. A bold, usually risky, undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

You have stumbled on a website devoted to adventures of all kinds in the state of Pennsylvania.  For some trying new foods is an adventure, for others it means hanging off a cliff and for still other folks it might mean holding a giant hissing cockroach in your hand so you can prove to your kids it is safe!  (Um, yeah…. it was safe but definitely adventurous for someone who isn’t keen on bugs.)

This website is produced by Shawn Marie Mann, a geographer and travel writer living in Central Pennsylvania.  Shawn Marie has been traveling PA her whole life and has a weakness for travel brochures, touristy souvenir shops and amusement parks.  She previously produced the amusementparkmom.com website and has worked as a featured writer for several online travel blogs (all of which are now defunct which makes THIS website so important!)

If you would like to ask questions about the content on the website, please send us an email using info@adventuresinpa.com.

Thanks for visiting and get out there and find your adventure!