My first trip ever to Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area took place on 2/1/2017.  I have to admit that is really sad because it is less than 10 miles from my house.  I drove past the sign directing you to it many time but I just never took the time to go see. Brief, Read More

Sometimes you just need to get a breath of fresh air and take in the night – especially when it is in the 50s in January.  I took a few minutes away from my business meeting tonight and snapped the photo above of a barge being moved down the river.  Sadly I didn’t bring, Read More

As always happens when I travel, something will catch my brain and I won’t be able to let it go until I find the answer. I have been to Pittsburgh 4 times in my life and the last 2 I have wondered about the yellow bridges.  In Harrisburg most of our painted bridges are, Read More

As January 2017 kicks off, I find myself in Pittsburgh, PA on a day when it hit nearly 70F.  Folks were out everywhere getting some sun after the rain we’ve been having in the state. I’m here for a working conference for my day job and was lucky enough to arrive early for some, Read More

My oldest, Marine Girl, was getting ready for boot camp and she had one road trip request for her mum, she wanted to visit Centralia.  I was up for it since I’m into all kinds of creepy, weird places so we gassed up the Honda and headed out. (This was in 2012.) Marine Girl,, Read More

Fall in PA is a great time to visit Farm Markets (or Farmer’s Markets if there is more than one Farm selling).  My all-time favorite Farm Market is Butcher’s Farm Market in Newport, Perry County. Butcher’s is a family-run business and they grow much of what they offer, plus they sell other items from, Read More

On one of my lovely long drives into work over hill and dale I spotted a sign saying “Teaberry Soft Serve” and my heart went all a-flutter.  I *love* Teaberry and I *love* soft-serve ice cream.  Sadly, the place with the sign was not open at 8am. I have no idea why not, ice, Read More

So I moved to Dauphin in 2001 and I really didn’t want to move there.  It is kinda out there, ya know?  BUT, then I found out that less than a mile from my house was a 3Bs. 3Bs is a local ice cream chain that serves Hershey’s ice cream in HUGE portions, shakes,, Read More

I had a very long drive into work last week, if you live along 322 this happens a few times a year.  322 ends up backed up, 11/15 is backed up so you hotfoot it over to Duncannon from the East Shore and take a nice drive through Perry County to make it to, Read More