Canyon River Rapids

Canyon River Rapids 20080710I’m going through inventories of my photos and I happened upon my 2008 folder for Hersheypark. I was amazed at how many things were no longer there eight years later. But this one, I think, is the one I miss the most.  If you want to know about the history of this ride, please visit my friend Harry’s In The Park website here.  He will tell you all you want to know and includes the original ride design layout and other interesting information.

Canyon River Rapids

We had some lead time when Hersheypark announced they were removing CRR (we all knew it was a matter of time anyway) so I was able to get some good photos.  The ride was demolished to make room for Boardwalk – The Seaquel in 2009.

Canyon River Rapids 20080731

Canyon River Rapids 20080710

And the demolition…

Canyon River Rapids 20081019

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