3B’s Ice Cream

3Bs Dauphin

So I moved to Dauphin in 2001 and I really didn’t want to move there.  It is kinda out there, ya know?  BUT, then I found out that less than a mile from my house was a 3Bs.

3Bs is a local ice cream chain that serves Hershey’s ice cream in HUGE portions, shakes, sundaes, slush puppies, sandwiches and sodas.

There are 3 locations of 3Bs currently:  Linglestown just off of Route 39, Duncannon on 11/15 and Dauphin on 225 just off 322.  The Duncannon location also has soft serve, not sure about Linglestown.  We don’t in Dauphin and that is OK by me.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Below is kids sized cone being enjoyed by Butterfly Girl

3Bs Kids Size

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